Arcata Passes Short Stay and Vacation Rental Ordinance No. 1453 Meaning No New Vacation Rentals in Arcata

On February 4, 2021 the City of Arcata City Council passed a Short Stay and Vacation Rental Ordinance No. 1543, which established permit requirements, including a limit on the total number of permits that can be active at any time to 100. The Arcata Vacation Rental Ordinance basically means that if, as of May 2021, you do not have a permit for a vacation rental (think airbnb or vrbo) in the city of Arcata, who will not be able to get a permit or operate a short term rental. We at North Coast Furnished Rentals in Humboldt, which manages furnished rentals for stays of 30 nights or longer, have intimate knowledge of the short term rental market as one of our two partners in the business, Mike Reinman, who co-founded and owned Redwood Coast Vacation Rentals, worked in the short term rental industry in Arcata, Trinidad, Eureka and beyond for 16 years.
So, if you are a homeowner in Arcata that has a property that you were thinking about making into a vacation rental on airbnb or vrbo, you still do have options which can net you significantly more than a traditional long term, unfurnished rental, and have less of the turnover and involvement that you might need to have with an Arcata short term vacation rental. That option is renting it as a Furnished Rental for stays of at least 30 nights or more. North Coast Furnished Rentals can completely manage your rental for you – and apartments can be great for this use as well! Historically, many of our clients were people that were coming to the area to do contract work for three to six months. Examples include those in Healthcare, Construction Projects, Healthcare & Education (including doing a short term assignment @ Humboldt State University. We also have local people who need to rent a house or apartment in the Arcata area because they are doing major remodel or renovation at their home. We even work with insurance companies that are helping me relocate to the Arcata area after losing their home in a fire (we had several after the Paradise & Redding area fires, for example). Recently, we are also seeing high demand for our more than a month long furnished rentals by travelers looking to spend a few months in the area. If you would like to speak with us at North Coast Furnished Rentals, we would be more than happy to give you estimates of how we believe your property would do as a North Coast Furnished Rental 😊 Feel free to visit us at our website, today. It may turn out that the Arcata Vacation Rental Ordinance No. 1543 is a blessing in disguise for you. Happy Renting!


Big Demand for Furnished Multiple Month Rentals in Eureka CA

Demand for Furnished Rentals for one month or longer is very strong in Humboldt County, California and especially in Eureka, Arcata & McKinleyville.  This demand is driven by a number of factors:

  1. Strong economic growth is leading to more demand for workers but an undersupply so people are coming from out of the area, especially in the health care and building sectors.
  2. Limited housing stock due to not enough new homes being built in the area
  3. People moving from areas that are at high risk of fires – we have seen many people moving from the Chico area after the Paradise fires, and then others from the Redding area after multiple difficult fire seasons in that region.
  4. Many local hospitals and medical offices are having to bring in people from out of the area for three to six month contracts, including traveling nurses, physician assistants and medical technicians.  This includes St. Joseph’s Hospital in Eureka and the Mad River Hospital in Arcata.
  5. People working remotely and a trend towards the nomad working class – Due to the pandemic and people just losing their interest in living in big cities, many folks are interested in the more rural and healthy lifestyle of the Northcoast.
  6. Affordability – Eureka, Arcata & McKinelyville and considered affordable compared to many other coastal areas in California which draws in many folks.
  7. Returning home – We are seeing many younger people that have lived out of the area for a number of years to go to school or work, and now returning to the area.

North Coast Furnished Rentals is now taking on more furnished rentals in it’s rental pool to meet this demand.


Working Remote in Humboldt County

Humboldt County has seen quite an increase in people moving from large urban tech centers such as the Bay Area and Los Angeles moving to Arcata, Eureka, McKinleyville and some of our other more remote towns to try their hand at true remote working.  Many may start out by coming up for a couple of weeks and staying in a vacation rental with good, reliable wifi and seeing how things go.  A good percentage of those folks are then making the move.

Why Humboldt for Remote Work?

  1. Healty Lifestyle with No Crowds
  2. Little traffic
  3. Empty Beaches, Trails & Parks
  4. Lots of live music venues – Arcata Theater Lounge, The Jam & Siren’s Song Tavern are some great ones!
  5. Healthy Food including wonderful Farmer’s Market – Arcata Saturday Farmer’s Market is my favorite!
  6. Wonderful Natural Food at Eureka Natural Foods in McKinleyville and Eureka & the Northcoast Co-op in Arcata & Eureka
  7. Great Restaurants and Food Trucks with Cuisine from all over! Take out and delivery an  option for most
  8. High Speed Internet in most homes
  9. Direct Flights to LA, SFO, Pheonix & Denver through multiple airlines including the new cheap flights on AveloAir.
  10. And of course Humboldt State University with all of it’s great resources and now on the road to becoming a CalPoly University!

So, if you try it out and decide you want to go for it, at least for three to six months and see how it goes, a furnished rental can be a good way to get your feet wet.  Feel free to come to us at North Coast Furnished Rentals as well as checking out things on other places such as Facebook Marketplace.


McKinleyville Great Central Location for Living & Working on the Humboldt County’s North Coast

Conveniently located between Arcata which has Humboldt State University, wonderful shopping, restaurants and nightlife, and Trinidad with its beautiful beaches and hikes, McKinleyville is an excellent location as a hub to the area. McKinleyville has lots of great markets including natural food markets like Eureka Natural Foods and local breweries including the Six Rivers Brewery and the brand new Humboldt Regeneration. And having miles and miles of beaches such as Clam Beach and Little River State Beach are big draws as well. Many of the recent housing developments in Humboldt County have been in and around McKinleyville as of late. A majority of the homes are single family homes. The school systems are growing and many people love to raise their families there.  So, if you are thinking about moving to the area to live and work, definitely consider McKinleyville.  And to make the transition easier, consider renting a furnished rental with us,  North Coast Furnished Rentals.

Live in a Rural Cabin in areas like West Haven (Greater Trinidad), Fieldbrook (East of McKinleyville)  or Kneeland

Why not?  Humboldt County has so many wonderful places to live – whether in town or a little more remote.  Some great areas to consider, if you are thinking a more remote cabin include West Haven, Fieldbrook or Kneeland, just to name a few.  Or, maybe you are thinking something right on the water like Fields Landing, Loleta or King Salmon – all great options.  The cabins and cottages in these areas can range from rustic and older to new and stylish – there is pretty much something for every budget.  And many of these communities do have decent enough internet where you could work remotely.  Connect with to see what we might have for you today and


Best Cafes to Work at When Needing a Break from Working From Home in Humboldt County

Working from home, whether it’s your home office, kitchen, deck, of sofa definitely gets old sometimes – and you want to go somewhere to get your work done with a different atmosphere and some other people around.  Here is a list of some spots that we recommend for that – starting north in Trinidad and heading south towards Eureka:


Cher-Ae Heights Casino has the Sunrise Grill and also the Bar that have plenty of seating.

Seascape Restaurant can be a good place for some ocean views and get work done

Moonstone Crossing Winery is always fun with the great hosts and fun folks


Lots of choices in McKinleyville.  These are some of our favorites:

Ramones Bakery & Cafe – wow, great sandwiches & pastries

Six Rivers Brewery – myabe reward yourself with a beer after some great work?



Northtown Coffee

Cafe Mokka!!!! – Enjoy the fireplace and cozy atmosphere – maybe do a soak?

Cafe Brio – Everyone loves Cafe Brio – indoor and outdoor seating

Paul’s Live From New York Pizza – Best Pizza in Humboldt! – locations in Eureka and Arcata with plenty of seating


Old Town Coffee & Chocolates – Delicious and nice seating – I love there hot choclates and scones…

The Grind Cafe – Popular