Arcata Passes Short Stay and Vacation Rental Ordinance No. 1453 Meaning No New Vacation Rentals in Arcata

On February 4, 2021 the City of Arcata City Council passed a Short Stay and Vacation Rental Ordinance No. 1543, which established permit requirements, including a limit on the total number of permits that can be active at any time to 100. The Arcata Vacation Rental Ordinance basically means that if, as of May 2021, you do not have a permit for a vacation rental (think airbnb or vrbo) in the city of Arcata, who will not be able to get a permit or operate a short term rental. We at North Coast Furnished Rentals in Humboldt, which manages furnished rentals for stays of 30 nights or longer, have intimate knowledge of the short term rental market as one of our two partners in the business, Mike Reinman, who co-founded and owned Redwood Coast Vacation Rentals, worked in the short term rental industry in Arcata, Trinidad, Eureka and beyond for 16 years.
So, if you are a homeowner in Arcata that has a property that you were thinking about making into a vacation rental on airbnb or vrbo, you still do have options which can net you significantly more than a traditional long term, unfurnished rental, and have less of the turnover and involvement that you might need to have with an Arcata short term vacation rental. That option is renting it as a Furnished Rental for stays of at least 30 nights or more. North Coast Furnished Rentals can completely manage your rental for you – and apartments can be great for this use as well! Historically, many of our clients were people that were coming to the area to do contract work for three to six months. Examples include those in Healthcare, Construction Projects, Healthcare & Education (including doing a short term assignment @ Humboldt State University. We also have local people who need to rent a house or apartment in the Arcata area because they are doing major remodel or renovation at their home. We even work with insurance companies that are helping me relocate to the Arcata area after losing their home in a fire (we had several after the Paradise & Redding area fires, for example). Recently, we are also seeing high demand for our more than a month long furnished rentals by travelers looking to spend a few months in the area. If you would like to speak with us at North Coast Furnished Rentals, we would be more than happy to give you estimates of how we believe your property would do as a North Coast Furnished Rental 😊 Feel free to visit us at our website, today. It may turn out that the Arcata Vacation Rental Ordinance No. 1543 is a blessing in disguise for you. Happy Renting!